No Credit Auto Financing in Canada

Nobody is born with a credit history, everybody needs to establish credit at some point in their lives. If you are like most people and you need a vehicle to get to work, but if you can't get a car to make that commute, public transit may not be an option, especially if you are a night shift worker. Whether you are a first time buyer, new to the country or just trying to build your credit, Car Finance Company has several programs available to help you buy a vehicle with no credit.

If you have been refused for auto financing you have not been speaking to the right people. Car Finance Company has the ability to make no credit auto financing happen when other lenders have not been able to because we are brokers and don't rely on a select few lenders.

New Approach to No Credit Vehicle Financing

Traditional banks, credit unions and lenders are not interested in used vehicle financing and applicants with less than perfect credit. When you have no credit history, the banks cannot see a history of repayment and will not give you a chance. We can arrange a short term loan or a long term payment plan that fits your lifestyle and budget. In addition, with our no credit vehicle financing programs you ca pay off your car loan at any time by simply paying out the amount owing.

We offer competitive car loan solutions that work allow you drive a vehicle and build credit at the same time. The easiest way to build credit is with a credit card or a car loan. An auto loan can quickly and dramatically improve an individuals credit score as each payment is reported to the credit agencies and with each payment towards the car loan adds points to your overall credit score. If this sounds confusing, contact us and we can explain in further detail



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