Automobile Financing for Difficult to Prove Income

Having Difficult to Prove Income Doesn't Mean You Can't Get Approved for Auto Financing

For self-employed individuals and those who work in the service industry earning cash and tips, it can be difficult to prove income. Many lenders require that you be able to show regular income through pay stubs in order to be approved for car financing. This means that you won't be able to fit within a traditional bank or lender's strict requirements regardless of proof of your credit strength and stability. You might have the income required to carry an auto loan, you will not be eligible through the banks. At Car Finance Company we understand the need for these loans and we have a process to get you approved in the difficult to prove income situation.

No Proof of Income Vehicle Financing

It may also be a struggle to show steady income due to fluctuations in your industry, working in a seasonal business, or having income that comes from multiple sources, even several part time jobs. By understanding these circumstances we find ways around theses issues and show lenders all elements that you have the ability to pay the monthly loan amount required. Car Finance Company can provide auto financing approvals that are geared to your situation.

Car Finance Company Flexible Custom Car Financing is for You!

Compared with other online lenders that often only use the lending programs of only 3 or 4 lenders, we use every lender and leasing company in the industry. This offers consumers a lot more choices to select the car finance that is best for their situation. This allows the rate of interest to be charged on a case by case basis.



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