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In recent years, the number of car dealers in Ontario advertising bad credit car loans has seen a significant increase. These Ontario car dealers are trying to take advantage of a growing market of people who cannot get traditional bank financing for their next vehicle purchase. While many of these automotive dealers do a fine job of using bad credit non-prime lenders to help their clients, most dealers are tied to only a handful of lenders which results in very limited options or choices when it comes to the rates and terms available for the car loan or truck loan.

CarFinanceCompany.ca has been helping people with poor credit to secure the low interest rate auto financing they deserve with flexible repayment terms to buy the truck or car of their choice since 1996. We are not closely affiliated with any Ontario banks or lenders, rather we get them to compete for your business with multiple offers for you to choose from.

Car Finance Company in Ontario provides new car loans and used car loans for people who have bad credit, in a consumer proposal, bankruptcy, or no credit at all. We can help you buy a dependable vehicle and arrange affordable monthly car payments. If you need financing and want to arrange it in the most convenient and discreet way, we are here to help. We understand that you may have poor credit or past bad credit issues, that's why we're here. Ontario Car Finance Company specializes in helping Ontarians with bad credit rebuild their credit. Yes, with every car payment you make, it is reported to the credit agencies and in turn your credit score goes up.

People living in Ontario should know that they do have many options available to buy a car or truck even if they have bad credit. If you live in any Ontario city like Toronto GTA, Ottawa, Mississauga, Brampton, Hamilton or anywhere in Ontario, we want you to know that Car Finance Company works with lenders who are interested in your current financial situation and not focused on past hardships or mistakes. Our short, free online auto loan application takes only a minute to fill out, connects you to an Ontario credit specialist who know how to get the lowest interest rate car loans approved, and you are under no obligations. Apply for Ontario auto financing today to learn more!


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