Car Finance Company offers a fresh approach to Canadian auto financing

We are a Canadian auto loan brokerage with access to a vast network of banks, private lending companies, leasing companies and in house car dealer financing. Unlike traditional car dealers, we have no strong allegiance to any particular bank or lender, rather our focus is to offer applicants a variety of options to finance their next vehicle. The banks will compete to get your business and we are the negotiators on your behalf. We shop around for the lowest interest rates. We offer options and solutions, especially to people who may have bad credit or no credit and find it difficult to get a traditional loan.

We offer loan options at a variety of tiers or as we in the industry call them keys depending on the specific lender. This means that each individual is approved at a low interest rate, mid level interest rate or if they are very high risk, a higher interest rate. Every individual's situation is assessed on it's own merit.

We offer full transparency throughout our process and we explain all your options to you before and after your auto loan approval. We will present you with all the information about the loans or leasing available and then give you our best advice.

There is no pressure on you at any time and our services are fast, free and you are never under any obligations.

If you live in Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, New Brunswick, PEI, Yukon, NWT or Nunavut you owe it to yourself to get the lowest interest rates available for your next vehicle even if you need a bad credit car loan approved. Get approved today!


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